According to article 4 of the statutes, AIDRU’s members are non-profit private legal persons (associations or others) or natural persons. 

The board of directors approves their admission based on their activities in the area of urban planning law. 

Legal persons are mainly national urban planning law associations. 

Natural persons demonstrating a specific specialisation in urban planning law and/or regularly participating to AIDRU’s activities are also admitted as individual members. 

Other natural persons, who are interested in AIDRU’s activities, can be admitted as associate fellows

There are national urban planning law associations and individual members which are part of AIDRU in the following countries: 

Belgium (French and Flemish-speaking) 

● Spain 

● France 

● Greece 

● Italy 

● Portugal 

● Romania 

● Switzerland 


AIDRU has also individual members and associate fellows in the following countries : 

● Germany 

● Austria 

● South Korea 

● United States 

● Norway 

● Netherlands 

● Poland 

● United-Kingdom 

● Turkey 


If you wish to submit an application request for a national association, join as an individual member or become an associate fellow, please send a cover letter, along with the application form in french or english, a copy of your ID, statutes (for associations) and your resume to


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